Impression Ventures is a seasoned venture capital firm focused on investing in Fintech and related companies. With an active and growing portfolio, including Wealthsimple, the fastest growing online advisor in Canada, and Sensibill, the digital receipts platform, we believe we are the ideal Fintech investment partner.
We are founders and former CEOs of highly successful technology companies. We have scaled businesses to millions of daily active users. We have sold software and services to Fortune 500 companies. We have built enterprise, desktop, mobile and web applications used by tens of millions. Sometimes we’ve failed. More often, we’ve succeeded. We’ve learned from both sets of experiences.
We will invest only where we believe our experience and network is relevant and additive. We have a world class advisory team that we leverage on behalf of our portfolio companies. Most importantly though, our value comes from being available to you, at your offices. This is a critical component of our investment thesis. We know what works, what doesn’t, and how to tell the difference. We are active with our portfolio companies because they want us to be. Really.
As founders who have raised capital from VCs, we understand all too well what makes a good, and bad, partner. We work hard to provide the best possible experience. We understand that entrepreneurs are fundamentally more important than VCs. We focus on being transparent, decisive and acting at all times with integrity.
We understand that following the crowd is often the best way to have depressed returns. So we actively seek companies then lead the deal. Our singular focus is to build great companies. We invest in late Seed and Series A stage financial technology companies.
If you are in Fintech or related startup, we are ready to write cheques. Come and talk to us.

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Christian Lassonde

Christian Lassonde

Christian is the Founder & Managing Partner of Impression Ventures. Prior to becoming a venture capitalist he was a technology founder, having built and sold Virtual Greats, a luxury online IP rights broker, and Millions of Us, a digital agency. He has also taught high-growth technology entrepreneurship at The Next 36 to over 30 companies. Those companies have gone on to build successful products and raise millions of dollars in follow on financing. Lassonde spent a decade in San Francisco selling and building software for Second Life, LucasArts and Electronic Arts to customers Sony, Nike, Warner Brothers, General Motors, Coke, Intel and many more Fortune 500 companies. He holds an MBA from the USF, a BESc in computer engineering and a BSc in computer science from Western. Christian is currently Vice-Chair of SickKids Foundation and serves on the Board of Governors of Western and TFS.

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